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What We Offer

DRB Recruitment is committed to you, after all without you we have no reason to be doing what we are doing. We understand the importance of adding value, providing a quality service and performing over and beyond any pre-meditated preconceptions.

As such the person you deal with will always be courteous and friendly, any requirements or suggestions you make are treated with the same internal management process that our own ideas go through.

Most importantly; We don’t just bombard you with CV’s, our recruitment process is indepth and analysis of all our candidates. We take into account, your requirements, our expectations and assess on an individual basis.


You have a requirement, you speak to one of our specialist Recruiters discussing this requirement. We take note of your needs, job specification, as well as your budget and salary expectations for the role.

When we have a good grasp of what you are looking for, we immediately look to satisfy your criteria through the use of our CV database taking into account their qualifications, previous employment history, salary expectations and any other specified criteria.


At this stage most recruiters would send over the candidates and ask you for your opinion, we’re not like other recruitment agencies.

The candidate is assessed using our in-house testing system, testing the candidate on basic Literature, Spelling and Numeracy.


Once the candidate has completed the testing part of our assessment, we have a phone call to explain in detail the duties and requirements of the job as you have provided.

Following on from which, we create a personalised candidate portfolio listing the candidates’ suitability, scores in our testing system, as well as a small blurb character reference so with a quick glance you can get a feel for the candidate.


Once we’re happy with the candidates and have created the portfolio this will be sent to you in an email, along with their CV’s, with the best of the bunch in terms of satisfaction to your requirements and salary expectations.

When you’ve made your choice, we’ll arrange an interview at your earliest convenience and hopefully onto a successful and complete candidate relationship.

Don’t just take our word for it, put us to the test!

Our Rates

We don’t believe in being obtuse about our fee structure like other agencies operating in our field.

As such we have a very simple fee structure

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